Social & Welfare Activities For the Society

2805, 2021

Free Food Distribution for the Needy – Motikurali, Vadodara District, Gujarat

Covid - 19 and Cyclone Tauktae rendered poor people of the village in a problematic situation for procuring survival food this year. Starlinks Seva Foundation has started free food distribution for the needy at Motikurali, Vadodara District, Gujarat, Rice, Dal, potatoes, Onions, cooking oil, and chilies to [...]

1405, 2020

Free Food Distribution for the Needy – Siliguri ( West Bengal )

Corona pandemic is moving life upset for many. In Covid-19 Pandemic, people lost their livelihood leading to difficulty in acquiring food. For the poor people, their problems have doubled with the pressure of sudden intervals of industries, and due to that, they cannot go anywhere to get [...]

1002, 2019

Water Filtration and Dispersal Unit – Raiganj ( West Bengal )

Having clean freshwater is the most basic and essential need for us humans to survive. Sadly yet, there are many places where people still struggle to avail the needed quantity and quality of water in order to function. One such place is the Udaipur area in Raiganj [...]

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