Having clean freshwater is the most basic and essential need for us humans to survive. Sadly yet, there are many places where people still struggle to avail the needed quantity and quality of water in order to function. One such place is the Udaipur area in Raiganj town of West Bengal. People of the area were facing critical water scarcity and the presence of high levels of arsenic contamination which can be deadly if consumed by humans.

After approx. a month of research and contemplation, we decided to do our bit by providing with a “Water Filtration and Dispersal Unit”. It took us three months to build a plant with its own boring system to extract water from the nearby water body. We installed the “plant/ water filtration dispenser” with a capacity of 1500 liters, on February 10, 2019; on a highway route near a lake. The dispenser is accessible by anyone and everyone regardless of any social or economic hierarchies and/ binaries, it serves around about 1500-2000 people every day which majorly includes the locals and travelers. The maintenance and responsibility of keeping the plant up and running, quenching each person’s thirst, is borne by us.

Construction Phase
Plant Installation
Plant Ready